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Taylor Custom ZIRICOTE w/Lutz Spruce Top Grand Pacific (NAMM Catch #34)

Every year at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) in Anaheim California, Taylor Guitars builds VERY special custom guitars that only a handful of dealers can purchase.  These are very special guitars, and hold very special meaning to guitar collectors and players all over the world.  Willcutt Guitars is part of a select group of Taylor Premier dealers and is proud to represent this amazing Taylor custom guitar that can be yours to own for a lifetime…and longer as these unique special guitars become “heritage” instruments to families and get handed down. 


This particular example is one of Taylor Guitars newest body shapes that Taylor Guitars Master Luthier Andy Powers has designed – the Grand Pacific – a complete re-interpretation of the traditional dreadnaught, with a sonic character completely unlike anything else in the Taylor line, the unique round-shoulder silhouette of the Grand Pacific is a veritable cauldron of tone. Lush washes of colour, a distinct blurring of notes and profound warmth – all encouraged by the revolutionary V-Class bracing system.  Whether you’re a traditionalist hankering for classic looks, or chasing the allure of something completely different - with a seductively bold and versatile tonal profile, excellent playing comfort and classic Taylor playability, the Grand Pacific will scratch your itch.


Taylor Guitars Custom Catch # 34 has a wonderful pairing of Ziricote tone woods on the back and sides and a STUNNING “bear-claw” Lutz Spruce top that is just breath-taking to look at!  This guitar has the total package – beautiful top, back, and sides, unique horse inlays, and amazing tone, it certainly won’t be ignored!  Just carrying it around in its Taylor Made Hard Shell case will garner attention due to the western floral tolex pattern – luxurious and unique!

Ziricote Tone-woods on the back and sides
Ziricote is a truly unique wood - most times the colors of Ziricote range from medium to dark browns, sometimes with gray and black streaks; and other times those same colors will have hues of green or purple interlaced with it.  In this case, the grain (and the tone) is VERY reminiscent of a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood with its deeper brown and shades of lighter brown with black “spider-webbing” separating the colors.  A truly gorgeous piece of wood on a truly beautiful instrument!.  As for the tonal aspects of this guitar – as stated above, it has many aspects of a Brazilian Rosewood – with a great lower end bass response.  Paired with the amazing Lutz Spruce top, its tone finishes off like a fine aged rosewood but with a snap of brilliance that makes it stand out in the mix.  You’ll love this guitar if you are playing solo as it has a wide range of fullness.


Lutz Spruce Top

A naturally occurring hybrid of Sitka and White spruce, Lutz blends the positive characteristics of Sitka and White spruce (and its close cousin, Engelmann spruce) with the robust tonal output of Adirondack spruce. The result is serious sonic horsepower that translates into strong volume, projection and tonal richness. It responds well to an aggressive attack and offers headroom for assertive players.  On this particular guitar, Taylor chose a piece that is absolutely stunning to gaze upon as it is described in the industry as “bear-claw” – meaning that it looks like a bear swiped across the tree with its huge strong claws.  In reality, this is caused by the wood grains shifting with the weight of the tree over time, but it is truly stunning and adds to the individuality of this instrument.  The rosette is a custom design to set off the inlays and is a single ring made of Crelicam ebony and koa.


Taylor Appointments
The dark ebony fretboard atop a mahogany neck of this Taylor is adorned with custom Running Horse inlays made of Koa and Boxwood. This unique design adds a striking contrast to normal dots or diamond inlays on many other instruments. Whether you are a horse lover, animal lover, art lover, or own a Ford Mustang (!), this guitar would be amazing in any guitarists collection!  The peghead veneer of this Taylor is Crelicam Ebony, with a shell mother-of-pearl Taylor logo inlay. This Grand Pacific is topped off with Nickel Gotoh Luxury tuners, and strap pins to match.

V-Class Bracing

The way the soundboard (the top) of a guitar moves is largely regulated by the bracing, and the degree to which the top moves is fundamental to the overall sound of every guitar, not just a Taylor guitar. For a long time, there has been a compromise to be had – do we choose volume (lighter braced) or sustain (heavier braced). Should we be stiff or flexible? Why not both!  Seemingly contrary to the universal laws of guitar building – Taylor Guitars revolutionary V-class bracing manages to simultaneously boost volume AND increase sustain (of which it is usually necessary to sacrifice one at the expense of the other) whilst at the same time greatly improving the natural intonation of the instrument right along the neck, providing a smooth tonal balance right across the tonal spectrum and with great projection.


This is achieved by encouraging a more natural, synergized response from the soundboard – the top moving in a way that is more sympathetic to the development and prorogation of individual notes and the way in which they interact with one another - encouraging notes to unfurl and develop in with less conflict, resulting in fuller, more vibrant chords and melodies that soar and carry like never before. V-Class bracing truly is the best of both worlds.

Expression System 2 Electronics
What good is a guitar like this without top of the line electronics to make it sound as good plugged in as it looks and sounds on its own?  Amplified with Taylor's Expression System 2 electronics, makes every note and nuance heard and felt, whether it is plugged into your favorite acoustic guitar amp or into your favorite direct box into a PA system.  Whether you are in a studio or playing live, this system will accurately present you amazing acoustic tones.


If you have any questions, please contact us at Willcutt Guitars and we will help you decide which guitar is best for you.  This guitar will come with its own Taylor made hard shell case.

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