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Basic Repair Services

Here is a brief list of the prices on the most common jobs we perform.  We perform a wide variety of services not mentioned, so send us an email or call if you don’t see your specific issue listed.  These are also estimates and can change due to the complexity of the job, but we will always get your approval before proceeding if the price may have changed.


We have strings here at the shop but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer strings that we don’t sell.

Standard Restring - $20 

Classical, Bigsby Tremolo, 12 String, Mandolin Restring - $30

Double Locking Tremolo (i.e. Floyd Rose) Restring- $35

Estimates - FREE

We do not charge to assess the state of your guitar.  We can take a look and let you know where improvements can be made.  This does carry a caveat, in that some estimates require us to open or disassemble the guitar to diagnose the issue, these will carry a small fee.

Appraisal - $100 minimum

We do appraisals on vintage and new instruments for insurance or for resale purposes.  The appraisal is printed on a professional letterhead document and signed by one of our luthiers.  On some appraisals the price may increase due to extensive research needed or having to disassemble the instrument to verify part authenticity.


Half Setup - $50

This is a basic playability setup; includes tightening all hardware, lubing friction points, truss rod adjustment, saddle height adjustment, intonation, pickup balancing, check nut slot heights.  This is great for newer guitars with new strings and the fingerboard free of corrosion and grime.

Full Setup - $100 

This is the guitar spa treatment; includes everything mentioned in the half setup but adds a restring, a fingerboard treatment, and electronics cleaning.  This is great for guitars that have been played a while, with corrosion and grime built up along the sides of the frets and scratchy pots.

Dressing Fret Ends - $50

As the wood of a fingerboard dries and ages it can shrink inward, but the metal fret wire does not, leaving very uncomfortably sharp fret ends sticking out.  We can cut those fret ends flush with the board and round the fret ends to make the fingerboard feel smooth and comfortable.

Level, Crown, & Setup - $200

This gets out those deep pits in your frets from years of play wear.  Once we’re done we oil the fingerboard and polish the frets to a mirror shine.  Then we put on new strings and do a quick setup.  We also can do partial and full refrets, for an extra charge, if the fret wear is too extensive to level out and keep up playability.  

Upgrades and Mods

New Nut or Saddle - $75

We can make you a nut or saddle from a variety of substances, both natural or synthetic.  Some materials will have an up change as they are harder to work with and the cost of material blank is extra.

Electric Pickup Set Installation - $75

This is the standard charge for installing a set of passive Humbuckers or Single Coils into normal solid body guitars.  Some guitars such as hollowbodies are an uncharge and active electronics often times also have added costs.

Acoustic Pickup Installation - $75 - 100

This is the charge to install a pickup purchased from our store, $25 extra will be applied if you would like to bring your own from elsewhere.  $75 covers basic installs with only one type of element, $100 covers more complex installs where multiple elements might be used.

Strap Button Installation - $20

Self explanatory; strap button of your choice installed on the neck heel or tail block.  The strap button itself is extra; usually $5.  We are a certified service center for many brands and if we install the button it will not void the warranty of your guitar.

Sometimes a repair bill can be more than the intrinsic value of the instrument, but we also recognize guitars can carry high significant value as well.  That’s what these instruments are for; to be played and enjoyed, then passed along to friends and family.  We are more than happy to help maintain these cherished mementos, however, we do require a down payment on these jobs before starting work.

**These prices are based on a $75/hr labor rate and we do have a $35 minimum charge (exceptions: restrings and strap button installs)** 

***These prices are estimates and are subject to change***

***These are prices reflect labor only; parts and sales tax are extra***