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Quilter BlockDoc 12HD Modular Extension Cab

The Quilter BlockDock 12HD is a 1x12” cabinet intended to house Quilter series Block amplifier heads. Capable of handling 300W, the cabinet is lightweight at 19.5 lb and features an open-back construction for a more roomy, diffuse tone when compared to its 10" counterpart, the 10TC.
With its slotted, modular design, the BlockDock 12HD has space to house your compatible Quilter Block style amplifier head inside its frame. Once set in place, the amplifier can be locked in place with easily-visible thumbscrews found on the back of the BlockDock. You’ll notice that the assembled amplifier and the cabinet might behave more like a combo than a stack, though you will need to route your amplifier head into the BlockDock 10TC through its 1/4" speaker jack.
The BlockDock 12HD comes loaded with the a Celestion BN12-300, a respected speaker providing a smooth, warm response. The cabinet is primarily intended for use with the 101 Mini Head, 101 Reverb, and the more powerful 200 series models. Included with the BlockDock 12HD are a 1/4" speaker cable and a fabric covering for protecting the cabinet when it’s not in use.

  • 300W Cabinet
  • 12" Celestion BN12-300 Speaker
  • Lightweight at 19.5 lb
  • Open-Back Construction
  • For Use with 101 & 200 Series Block Amps
  • Modular Design for Housing Amp Inside
  • Includes 1/4" Speaker Cable
  • Includes Fabric Cover