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Ibanez RG Prestige RG657PB Anvil Grey (139)

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As the crown jewel of the Ibanez line, the Prestige designation paints a vivid picture of the passion and pride of Japanese luthiery. These guitars, produced exclusively in Japan, have earned worldwide acclaim for their exemplary craftsmanship, superb quality and numerous innovations. Manifested here in the classic Ibanez RG format, the RG657PB Prestige is an instrument worthy of its position as cornerstone of the Ibanez legacy.

  • Mahogany body with figured Poplar Burl top
  • 5-piece Maple/Walnut Super Wizard High-Performance neck
  • DiMarzio Air Norton, True Velvet, and The Tone Zone pickups
  • Masterpiece Edge bridge for tuning stability, precise intonation adjustment, and playing comfort
  • A hardshell case included

s/n 210001F1810139
7 lbs. 9 oz.