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Ibanez "BRONSON" Custom 8-String Guitar One of One

The j.Custom series is renowned for its exceptional quality, tone and attention to detail, but has usually only featured conventional RG6 models since its debut in 2009. Given the extreme importance of j.Custom to Ibanez over the last decade, the LACS team chose to incorporate key elements of this series with the powerful looks and tone of an 8-string. This theme is further complemented by a classic gold on black color scheme. The neck-thru construction delivers impressive sustain and easier upper fret access, while the satin finish on the back of the neck allows for quick movement across the 27” scale length. The neck also contains the visual focal point of this instrument; a custom Tree of Life inlay modified to run the entire width and length of the fingerboard. The nickname “Bronson” is a reference to Bronson Cave in Griffith park in L.A., a location where the 1960’s Batman show was filmed. Batman’s suit from that era shared the grey, black, and gold color scheme of this a guitar, so the LA team jumped at the opportunity to include a batman connection here, even if indirectly. When combined, these elements deliver outstanding visuals, excellent tone, and a fun back story for this one-of-a-kind, extended-range creation.