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Gibson 73-75 Dove Custom Natural USED (517)

Luthiers condition report:


The original ebony bridge had split in half along the bridge pin line rendering it unusable.  The bridge was professionally removed and replaced with a genuine period correctGibson bridge.  The neck joint had slipped and had to be reinforced leaving noticeable work marks at the 14-fret.  Although, guitars from this era were known for their low frets, a level and crown was performed leaving the frets marginally lower than usual.  A small crack extends from the treble side of the fingerboard to the sound hole following the top grain, a typical crack due to slight pickguard shrinking.  This small crack has been secured with a small cleat.  The guitar also has various surface level dings and scratch as is typical of instruments of a certain age.  The guitar has a new non-original ABS thermoplastic Guardian Case.  The overall assessment is this guitar is in fair condition.