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Fender Custom Shop "The 63" 1963 Stratocaster Relic 3-Tone Sunburst 65 C

The rockabilly days of Buddy Holly were fading in the window of 1963, right before the Beatles ushered in the British invasion, and the 1965 Newport Festival when Dylan recognized the end of the folk boom. Jimi Hendrix played '63 Strats throughout his career and Stevie Ray Vaughans Number One featured a '63 Stratocaster body.

Willcutt Guitars has an incredible example of an original 1963 Stratocaster. The guitar served as a muse for anyone that played it. Eliciting sounds of blues and rock and roll from eras past. Featuring a velvety C shaped maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The sound is similar to the True 62 but with slightly more bite.

We worked with Mike Lewis (The Guru of Cool) at the Fender Custom Shop to commission 63 tributes of this iconic guitar. Includes a special "Willcutt 'The 63" Strat" certificate of authenticity, and Willcutt Guitars badged case.