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Feathers of Fayette Wild Birds of Lexington, Kentucky

The birds become actors in the theater of life. The scene is the environment, the Sun is the light, and the birds are the actors, providing the action, color, and interest.

What makes a bird photographer wake up before the Sun, check his batteries, memory cards, tripod adjustments, don proper camo clothing and head out with a full tank of gas and a destination in mind? It is the hope that this day will be the one for the best shot ever.

Feather’s of Fayette provides even the casual bird lover with an extraordinary collection of close up and action photographs captured with a precision and style that only Bob Willcutt’s skillful lens can see. Broken down into three categories he takes into the wilds with Raptors, Waterfowl and Back Yard Birds with a beauty and detail like you’ve never seen. You’ll be amazed at the searing speed of the Tree Swallow caught mid-flight, the boldness of a Blue Jay harassing a Red-tailed Hawk for his favorite branch, peer deep into the eyes of the Great Horned Owl, or the loving care of a mother Canadian Goose and her young goslings. From Bald Eagles to hummingbirds these 248 pages of the best printing quality in the world will grace coffee-tables and library shelves alike, thrilling readers of all ages. Regardless of where you call home, this book will generate a new passion and appreciate for our feathered friends around us, guaranteed!

Bob Willcutt has always had an interest and respect for all types of art, especially photography. In the 1960s, he was the photo editor for his high school newspaper (Woodrow Wilson High in Washington, DC), and learned to shoot with film as well as mastering darkroom development techniques. Living in the nation’s capital exposed him to the best art museums and a level of expected expertise in all endeavors.

He came to Kentucky in 1966 to attend the University of Kentucky, and although he still did some photography, his time was spent on scholastic and musical pursuits. When he started his own business in 1968 and expanded it to a full store in 1979 naming it Willcutt Guitars, he was always attracted to the art aspect of guitars. When he began his website,, in 1998, he was finally able to use his photographic background to provide excellent representations of the world’s finest instruments. This taught him the techniques and the proper selection and uses of the equipment needed to produce quality images on a daily basis.

Several years ago Bob became more aware of the exciting and dynamic world of birds, even in Fayette County, Kentucky, and how they, when combined with their natural environment, can present a scene begging to be captured and shared. From behind the lens, Bob continues to learn about the fascinating lives of these special creatures, and his respect for birds continues to grow as he experiences the wonders of their world.

“Taking care of the birds first requires noticing them. We are grateful that Bob Willcutt has noticed, has put forth the time and effort to document these birds of Fayette County, and that he and Acclaim Press have put together this beautiful collection. Moreover, we’re grateful for his support. If there’s a twelve-step plan to cure bird watching, we hope Bob never finds it. We’ll warn you as well, dear reader, that you may find these pages addictive. But fear not: this addiction can prove beneficial to your health and the health of the planet at large”- Tony Brusate, President, Central Kentucky Audubon Society

“Observation is the key to understanding each species’ habits, movements and fairly predictable behaviors. Bob is the consummate ‘student’ of the art of avian photography and understands our learning is a journey with no end. He has honed his skills and developed a tremendous vision of his ideal images by intimately understanding his subjects, his camera equipment, and embracing the persistence and patience needed to produce his stunning works of art.” - Mr. Earlane Cox, Photographer, B.S.- Biology/Chemistry, Lexington, Kentucky  

“I am a recorder of light, events and time that will never be exactly repeated. I am constantly learning about the birds I photograph, and my respect for them grows the more I experience their wonders. They are highly intelligent in their own way, as their survival through the ages has testified." - Bob Willcutt