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Dr. Z Remedy Head Black (Head Only)

Head Only, Cab Not Included


The Remedy is one of the finest offerings from Dr. Z Amps.  Those who seek the full on assault and sweet crunch of the Plexi style circuit look no further.  Using four 6V6s and coming in at 40 watts you have all the spit and growl on hand for burning your guitar at Monterey or playing High Voltage rock and roll.  There’s more…  The Remedy features a one of a kind half-power circuit.  Flip the switch on the rear panel and go from 40 watts to 20 watts with no alteration to your sound.  This isn’t your grandpa’s half power switch.  You’ll experience the same sonic joy and touch sensitive response at either setting.

This amp also has a wonderful (and underrated) clean tone--see for yourself!

This is the original non-master volume version.

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