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Collings I-35 LC Walnut Aged Finished & Hardware


The I-35 LC is the result of a custom laminatedconstruction technique that Bill Collings and his R&D team developedin pursuit of the best tonal qualities of vintage semi-hollow guitardesign. When crafting instruments designed to be used electrically athigher volumes, the resonant qualities of a guitar need a high degreeof focus to achieve some of the classic semi-hollow guitar tones. The I-35 LC is the first of a line of laminate instruments designed to respond acoustically in perfect harmony with their electronics. Custom crafted in house for each guitar, the Collings laminate line has provided another unique way for us to voice our instruments for superior response and tone. The I-35 LC features a custom laminate maple top, sides and back and an all mahogany neck. The I-35 LC is among our most articulate and versatile electric models.


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