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Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Limited Edition


Earlier in 2018 Bourgeois introduced The Standard Series, inspired by stylings from the prewar era. Dana then began to wonder what our Advanced Slope D, a fancier, rosewood, long scale version of the Slope D, might look like with Standard Series appointments. After realizing that none of their existing inlays quite worked, a new inlay pattern became the design element around which a re-imagined model emerged.

“Rosewood jumbos had a punchier, more focused response than their short-scale, mahogany counterparts.” Dana remarked. “They might not have received as much attention, but they were well-suited for certain styles of high octane hillbilly music. You’ll sometimes see them in pictures of early bluegrass and country bands.”

To introduce the new Advanced Slope D Bourgeois is offering a special limited edition of 12 guitars. The Limited Edition features Brazilian Rosewood, Guatemalan Rosewood bridges and fingerboards, and a special inlay in the bridge wings. As always, all of the sunbursts will be applied by Dana himself.