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Amplified Nation Steel String Singer 50W Combo Moss Suede

The Amplified Nation Steel String Singer is a high powered amplifier known for its extraordinary hi-fi sound and crisp articulation. Its voice is complex; from shimmery silky cleans to the most coveted clean-lead sounds from greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. With a balanced EQ and an outstanding amount of clean power, the amp is articulate, punchy, and stays clear to high levels of volume. You can dial in sparkly, tight cleans, or high-output aggressive leads, and the amps luscious reverb works well with either style.

Our SSS was based off of Eric Johnson original #005.  That amp was designed with a cathode follower driver, which is an additional 12AT7 located in the power section. The cathode follower adds high output with low distortion giving the SSS its signature sound and percussive nature.  While we loved the original 150w version, we realize it’s too much power for some players, so we now offer this amplifier in 22w (6V6) , 50w (6L6), 75w (6550), 100w (6L6), or 150w (6550).

The amp has three-tube reverb with send and return controls, allowing control of the depth of the reverb and the level into the mix. The Singer also has two six-position EQ filters and three tone boosts, allowing quick tone stack adjustment that give you even more flexibility with your tone. Preamp boost and the FET input toggle from the 2-button footswitch.  Users can switch from the FET to the NOR input with the FET OFF feature on the amp.

  • 50w 6L6
  • Single channel with cathode follower driver
  • Six-position high and low tone filters
  • Tube powered spring reverb
  • 4/4/8/16 ohm speaker output
  • Effects loop
  • Two-button footswitch with locking DIN cable
  • Size (head) 24” W x 11.5” T x 10.75” D
  • Weight (head):  50w – 30lbs


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