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Amplified Nation Overdrive Reverb 50w 1x12 Combo Royal Blue / Black Sparkle (207)

The Overdrive Reverb is one of AN's most exciting new amp models. Filled with great tones that are offered both clean and overdriven, this amp is extremely musical and loaded with great features to empower you with any tone you desire. The amps clean tone is abundant in character and you will be enlightened with sparkly and bright clarity or mellow out with darker and more rounded clean tones. There is a strong overdrive on board with high output and uncompressed raw bite, empowering you with a voice that cuts through the mix and extends the connection of your instrument. Both channels have their respective preamp ‘gain’ controls combined with a ‘ratio’ control on the back panel acting as a master volume for each channel. The channels are available by engaging the mini toggle switch on the front of the amp or with the included footswitch. The footswitch also offers a ‘preamp boost’ which is also available by the manual switch on the back of the amp.

In addition to the vast tonal flexibility offered by the two channels, one of the most impressive qualities of the Overdrive Reverb is its on-board tube powered spring reverb. This amp has the most intricate reverb circuit in our lineup, surrounding the notes of your guitar in a lush, spacious effect that is tailored with the send and return controls on the front of the amp. The send control determines the depth of the reverb and the return control sets the level of the effect in the mix. The reverb is beautifully transparent and fluid with the perfect level of response, and there is more than enough of the effect for even the most extreme levels of reverberation.

A unique feature of the amp is the ratio controls that are located on the back of the amp. These controls are independent master volumes for each of the respective channels and allow for even more level balancing, great low volume tone, or to capture the essence of a cranked preamp. The output of this amp is strong and robust and the additional gain stages provided from the six-tube preamp are quite evident as the complex voice of the Overdrive Reverb organically connects with your guitar. The amp is equipped with a normal input and a FET input that adds a transistor gain stage to drive the preamp a little harder. The bright, deep, and rock/jazz switch offer additional tone settings to give one of the best guitar amplifier experiences available today.

Celestion G12-65