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Nik Huber


Nik Huber

Nik Huber, founder and managing director of Nik Huber Guitars, carries on a more than 100 year old family tradition. In 1896 a heritage of woodworking expertise was born to proud parent Nikolaus Huber in a small village in Southern Bavaria.

Today Nikolaus Huber IV carries that expertise forward in the form of exquisite guitars. More than a 100 years of gathering knowledge and passing it on from one generation to the next makes a remarkable difference in a fast paced world like today's.

Bob Willcutt first became aware of Nik's guitars when visiting the Digitech booth at the 1997 summer NAMM show in Nashville. A tall German, Ralf, was demonstrating pedals with a very interesting, hand crafted guitar. Bob asked what it was, and was told it was made by his friend Nik Huber in Germany. He gave Bob Nik's card and Bob later contacted Nik and was sent a CD ROM of some of his creations. They looked great, and he did not forget them, but the time was not right to market them until now. Our presence in the market place is established, and Nik's relentless drive for perfection, producing incredible instruments, has now made the Golden age of Hubers available to you today.