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Luthier Certified Performance


Willcutt Guitars is proud to introduce its "Luthier Certified Performance" program. 

 Why would you buy anything from an auction site or worn out merchandise when you can save money and have something "Luthier Certified"! 


To qualify, only the very best preowned or demo models are chosen. 


They are sent through our factory authorized luthier shop where they are given a full $100+ value total set up and are packed professionally for safe transit to your door. 


Fingerboards are oiled (unless maple) with Fret Doctor and buffed to a high luster which also melts the oil deep into the wood. Frets are checked for high spots and buzzing and the frets are polished. (A level and crown would be extra) 


Tuning keys, truss rod, nut height, bridge height, intonation, and pickups are adjusted for maximum playability. 


Pots and switches are tightened and cleaned for maximum performance. 


New strings are not only properly installed, but stretched and tested for stability. 


 The body is buffed and cleaned to help minimize any scratches or playing wear. 


These instruments carry a one year Willcutt Warranty on all parts and labor, excluding strings. 

Shipping charges for these issues are not covered, but we make every effort to keep them as low as possible.


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