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Chad Underwood


Chad Underwood Guitars

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Chad Underwood has been quietly cementing his reputation as the bolt on builder of choice for the likes of David Grissom, Paul Reed Smith (yes that Paul Reed Smith, who currently owns several of Chad's guitars), Texas blues legend Anson Funderburgh, , Lee roy Parnell, Rob McNelley (Delbert McClinton), as well as several other extremely talented high profile players.

What sets Chad's instruments apart from the pack are his tireless attention to the most minute details, coupled with a deep knowledge of and passion for the classic '50s to mid '60s Fullerton masterpieces. The burnished quality of an Underwood will feel immediately familiar and second nature to even the most demanding vintage fanatic. Rounded fretboard edges, effortless playability, extraordinary resonance, low end response and seemingly endless sustain are the hallmarks of Chad's guitars. Chad's patented nitrocellulose lacquer based finishing process lovingly and faithfully recreates the feel and visual appeal of a played in 54 year old guitar.

"I remember staying up late one night trying to finish the tail end of the song. The guitar wouldn't cooperate, and it kept getting later and later. I was so depressed about it, and I was running out of time, and they were going to take the record from me. The last weekend that I had a shot to finish, a guitar arrived from a guy named Chad Underwood. He may be a little under the radar, but the guitar he built may be the best Tele I've ever played. So I played it in my little office and was like, 'Oh, my God!' It was so magnificent – and it stayed in tune. I put it on Mystic Highway, and it sounds incredible. I'll be playing that guitar a lot from now on." - John Fogerty (Music Radar Interview)