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Fulltone WahFull

15 years ago Robin Trower called and said he was doing some gigs with Jack Bruce and asked "Would it be possible to have a wah wah in a regular box so that one could get that "fixed wah" sound by clicking on the pedal?" He's got the first one, I think Mike Fuller has the other one.

Recently Joe Satriani asked me for one, so I revisited the circuit adding a Volume Control, 3 selectable Range Modes (Wacked, Jimi, and Shaft) , a Pickup Compensator mini knob (humbucker guys rejoice!), and JFET input and output buffers. These buffers completely isolate the circuit from outside influence and are only in-play when the pedal is ON, giving it a much broader range of wah effect, interfacing with all types of PU's better, and working with any amp whether it be hi-gain or clean. Turns a Fender into a Vox, and allows infinite sustain with little or no Distortion.

Fulltone's exclusive Enhanced Bypass with no "pop" while switching, and bypassed-tone so rich you will never again ask for true-bypass nor will you accept the tone loss that traditional buffered-bypass (as well as most true-bypass pedals) impart. And finally the ability to drive long runs of cable with no tone loss. The WahFull is the first pedal by anyone ever to offer Enhanced Bypass. (patent pending)

JFET buffer on the circuit's input offering an astounding 2.2 mega-ohm impedance allowing zero interference with (and from) other pedals!