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Fender Custom Shop Willcutt True '62 Stratocaster Black 57V USED (762)

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"If there is one guitar that represents modern music of all genres, it is the iconic Fender Stratocaster. Thousands have passed through Willcutt Guitars in the 50 years that we have been selling, restoring , and placing in the hands of enthusiastic players One stands out as the most exceptional in tone, playability, and overall  musical stability.  That is the 62 3tsb/rw serial number 79498 that is now owned by the great blues player Eugene Woods. Since there is only that one, and others want to experience the sound and feel of the original, we commissioned the Fender Custom Shop to make precise reproductions with a limited run only available at Willcutt Guitars.The pickups were custom wound, sweet and full bodied, to match the 79498 specs and the neck fit, thin, worn, finish and even the original 3 way switch is reproduced.Some players believe there are more than 5 switch tones when using a 3 way switch. A custom embroidered Custom Shop logo is on the case interior as well as the custom Willcutt Guitars metal plaque." - Bob Willcutt